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Climate Controlled Units

Controlled Humidity

Temperature is one thing, but low humidity is what keeps mold and mildew to a minimum. Secure Storage has industrial dehumidification throughout its interior units with constant air flow to preserve all your possessions like new.

Controlled Temperature

Two energy-efficient heating, cooling and dehumidification units will keep all of Secure Storage’s interior units well within the industry-accepted temperature band of 55-78 degrees Fahrenheit and always below 40% humidity. Constant-flow fans will never allow air to stagnate. Moist, stagnant air is what causes odors and mold to grow. The heating systems will have Low-Temperature Alarms to notify Management in the event of any improbable failures and a Backup Generator is on-site to continue heating and lighting operation (if power were to be interrupted).

Comfortable, Convenient and Secure Access

Comfortably accessing your storage unit in all weather, at any time, day or night, is one of the best reasons to choose Secure Storage of Wisconsin.

  • All sizes are available!!
  • Eight (8) exclusive 10×20 garage-sized Climate-Controlled units!
  • Drive-In units w/ remote, electric garage doors,
  • Drive-up accessibility w/ gated security access.
  • Ultra-insulated doors w/ remote control openers!
  • No shoveling or gloves are necessary anymore!
  • No frozen locks or stuck door edges!
  • Automatic interior LED lighting 24 hours a day!
  • Wear your every-day attire to load, unload or just check your items without worry.
  • Unique contoured floor provides dry storage in all seasons and prevents cross-unit water incursions. (Contoured floors are featured in our drive-in units)

Appliance Storage

Many appliances are sensitive to freezing. Washing machines retain water within their pumps and most refrigerators have full cold water dispenser reservoirs. If this remaining water freezes, damages could potentially harm the appliance beyond efficient repair. It’s always best to drain this water before storage, but most appliances do not allow for thorough draining. Storage in our climate-controlled facilities eliminates the risk of frozen-part damages.

Secure Records Storage

Whether it’s business or personal, keeping files and photographs in a climate controlled environment is always wise if not mandatory. Inexpensive racking would allow filing cabinets and boxes to be efficiently stacked for easy access to business and personal records. All storage fees are tax-deductible for businesses! All 10’x20’ climate-controlled units have complimentary overhead interior LED lighting for maximum use of the larger space.

Antique Furniture and Collectables

It’s common knowledge that furniture is best preserved in a low-humidity and stabilized temperature environment. Mold, mildew and hard freezes do more damage than daily use to hardwoods, fine veneers, and leathers.


Climate Controlled